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Bursaries and Fees

Created on 22 March 2010 Last Updated on 04 August 2015

At the beginning of the Academic Year, all students will be required to produce evidence of having been awarded a Government Bursary from their respective Ministries of Education (if East African) or evidence of Scholarship Awards; otherwise they will be expected to pay full tuition and University fees for one semester, at the beginning of the semester, before they can be permitted to use University facilities. Payment of fees should be made within three months after receipt of the offer of admission but not after registration or adequate and acceptable arrangements to that effect should be made before a candidate is registered. Failure to pay within the specified period may result in the withdrawal of registration.

Fees and other financial responsibilities for undergraduate Programmes

Fees for Diploma and Certificate Programmes

Fees and indicative direct student costs for postgraduate Programmes

New University fees with effect from academic year 2015/2016


Sokoine University of Agriculture Units Website Ranking Results | June 2017

University wide  Website Committee (UWC) of Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in its 12th meeting held on 08th June 2017 approved the results of the ranking of University website for the College/School/Faculty/Department/Institute/Directorate and Centres website for the first quarter (April - June 2017).

Congratulations to the following units for being the Winner of best College/School/Faculty/Department/Institute/Directorate and Centres website for the Second quarter in the year 2017.

1.College of Agriculture (CoA)

2.Sokoine National Agricultural Library (SNAL)

3. College of Forestry, Wildlife, and Tourism (CFWT)



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